Our Services

We produce aluminum based polymeric coagulants in both liquid and powder forms which can service a broad range of industries, many of which will be facing more stringent government regulations for their waste disposal. Our manufacturing processes are extremely flexible resulting in products which can meet the needs for potable as well as waste water purification plants.

Our Objectives:

  1. We will consider to license companies intersted in manufacturing our products in various geographical locations worldwide.
  2. We welcome any interested distributors which are capable of supplying the services related to the sales of poly-aluminum coagulants.

What Services We Offer:

  • Aquasphere Coagulants Inc. (Water treatment division) will help in the selection and the implementation of your waste water treatment system. We will participate and facilitate the design of the required systems.
  • All projects are followed up from its inception to implementation and operation, and management.

The following services are included in our programs:

  • A theoretical and a practical physical study to evaluate the feasibility of a project or a situation.
  • The scientific and chemical conceptual work to carry on the waste water treatment.
  • Working with your engineers to integrate your system with our Polymers tailored to your design and client’s needs.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of waste water prior and after treatment, including an evaluation of the cost factor.
  • Training of your personnel in handling and use of the polymers and associated chemicals used in the treatment processes.

The clients can profit from our expertise in the following areas:

  • Water treatment studies and R&D
  • Water treatment plants and their methods
  • Sewer treatment. Waste water treatment
  • Treatment of special water requirements from particular industries.