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Spherepac & Zefloc Series Products

Flocculants and Coagulants

How do our products differ?

How does our products line of SPHEREPAC & ZEFLOC differ from the regular PAC & PASS sold on the market for the many years past.

Our SPHEREPAC & ZEFLOC Series waste water treatment product lines have unique chemistries which may fall between the chloride and sulfate versions.

They have some very particular characteristics which can be realized from jar testing... to pilot... and during plant applications.


  • Allows for lower dosages (as Al2O3) when compared to alum and even most poly-aluminum chlorides or sulfates
  • Often results in lower treatment costs when compared to alum, ferric chloride and organic polymers.
  • Reduces demand for pH adjustment when compared to alum, ferric chloride and even Poly-aluminum chlorides, consequently requires less alkali to neutralize the effluent.
  • Effective over a wide pH range of 5.0 to 10.0 having little or no effect on pH even when overdosed
  • Allows for the reduction of flocculants aids
  • Improves filterability
  • Increased suspended solids removal
  • Reduced chemical sludge formation due to lower dosage requirements
  • Lower total organic carbon (TOC) in filtered waters.
  • Control/ reduction of THM`s in filtered waters.

Can be made in Liquid of dry powder format:

  • Liquid forms will not crystallize on standing and have a long shelf life.
  • Shelf life is indefinite for the powder forms when stored in a dry and cool environment.
  • Different versions of the polymer will remove metals, such as Chrome, Nickel, Copper, Zinc, etc.

Economical and Use advantages for the dry forms::

  • Liquids can be prepared at application site in size and concentrations practical for direct liquid feed systems.
  • In certain cases dry forms may also be applied directly (prior verification required).
  • Have 2-3 times concentration of liquids.
  • Eliminate the use of large liquid storage tanks.
  • Avoid sludge and precipitation problems associated to liquid products.
  • Extended shelf life
  • More economical to transport
  • Not regulated as corrosive
  • No freezing problems
  • <Suggested dilution for all powder products is 30% wt. in water>


    Process water treatment
Paper mills Paint Industries
Mining Metallurgy
Textiles Oil refineries
Leather tanneries Landfill leachate
Contaminated waters Slaughterhouses
Food & vegetable processing Dairy processing
Lactose removal Soap, Cosmetic, Detergent, industries

Packaging: Also available in drums and 1 ton tote formats